The MG Midget

Prospex were very kindly donated an MG Midget for a MechaniX project. The car ended up as a labour of love for the team!

collecting the mg midget
body work
finished mg midget
mg midget story in magazine

When the MG came to Prospex, it was clear that it needed a huge amount of work to make roadworthy again. Undeterred, the team set to work and transformed the car. Although the course was programmed for 10 weeks, the team stayed on to complete the car, including a colour change! The entire project took 9 months to complete.

The Midget required extensive body and mechanical work. Bodywork wise, the car had new heel boards welded in, repairs to the floor, repairs to the rear structural members, new wheelarches and repairs to the front wings. The engine was serviced, carburettors rebuilt and started first time! The team also undertook work on the brakes by replacing the front discs and calipers, rebuilding the rear brakes and bleeding the system. The suspension was refreshed with new bushes to the rear springs.

The result was a total transformation! The car was unvieled by the Mayor of Islington at a special evening event. We also had a magazine feature in MG Enthusiast Magazine. We hope you agree, the car looks great!


The Midget allowed the team to build skills in a variety of areas. Everyone enjoyed the course, so much so that one of the team stayed on as a mentor for the next project!

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