The Golf GTI

A rather tired VW Golf GTI was the focus of a project at Prospex, which gave more than the team bargained for!

golf under the bonnet

The Golf GTI came to Prospex as a totally standard car that was a bit tired and in need of TLC. Having served the previous owner well for many years, it was time for the MechaniX team to bring it back to life. The team discussed how to approach the car and decided that they would turn it into a track car.

The project started well and an engine service was completed. However, when the sill covers were removed for painting we found........rust! Lots of rust!

The team spent time making panels to repair the sills and inner wheelarches. These were then welded in and repairs to the floor made too.

Following the welding, the team rebuilt the suspension all round with new shock absorbers and springs. New brake discs and pads were fitted all round. A new exhaust was also fitted.

Following the mechanical work, the interior was stripped and a set of harnesses fitted for track days. Then it was on to the bodywork.

The golf required new front wings. Two brand new wings were sourced then prepared and painted by the team. With the wings fitted, body mouldings were painted bright orange! It certainly stood out!

The car was displayed at the Caledonian Road Festival where attracted a lot of attention!

At the end of the project, the car was sold to a very nice chap from Buckinghamshire who used the car as we had intended, as a track car.



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