Prospex Land Rover complete!

It's complete and looking great!

prospex land rover
prospex land rover
prospex land rover
Mechanix land rover

The Prospex Land Rover is complete!


The team have worked hard on this one and we think it looks brilliant! The Land Rover has had a ladder fitted along with a winch bumper, light bar, snorkel and diff guards. The team have also given the car a thorough service and waterproofed the elctrics for off roading. The brakes have been checked and bled through and various small jobs have been completed.


We can't wait to take this one off-roading!


Well done team, great job!



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We are very excited to be launching the MechaniX project countrywide!

Having trialled the MechaniX project over the last couple of years, we are delighted that Prospex will be undertaking the first project of the scheme.

The second project hosted in Dibden Purlieu in Hampshire finished recently, followed by an award ceremony at Beaulieu Motor Museum on the 7th February.