What is MechaniX?

MechaniX is a scheme for young people to learn new skills in a hands-on environment. By taking part in the course you will earn a recognised qualification too!

The Mechanix project is making funding available to groups who would like to host a course. Suppport is also on hand throughout. Get in touch to find out more! Follow us on Instagram - search for 'mechanixproject'.

"I hated school and left with just one GCSE, so my confidence was extremely low. When I came here, I discovered that when I work on a car I feel happy inside. This realisation changed my life and gave me direction and purpose. I have decided to become a mechanic.”

Joseph Taylor, 18

Dani Teaching

Why do the MechaniX course?

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MechaniX gives you hands-on experience of working on vehicles, whilst giving you a recognised qualification. If you have an interest in vehicles, MechaniX is for you!



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Information for clubs or organisations interested in hosting a MechaniX course.

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